Wholesale Catering Supplies Scotland

2x10-Rapeseed-Oil-Bottles-and-BoxAt Morrison’s Food Services we offer a whole range of wholesale catering supplies. Businesses from all over Scotland who are in the food industry come to us for our products including chip shops, wholesale distributors, food manufacturers, sandwhich makers, pizzerias, snack bars, hotels and restaurants.

We have become Scotland’s leading wholesaler. This is because since 1966, there has been many improvements but we never change our dedication to our customers – with customer service being the main focus of our wholesalers.

When it comes to wholesale catering supplies we have a wide range of products to choose from. These include:

  • Bakery products
  • Batter mix and flour
  • Breadcrumbs and chicken breading
  • Catering equipment and utensils
  • Condiments and sauces
  • Curry and gravy mix
  • Easy liners
  • Food preparation
  • Hygiene products
  • Marinades and glazes
  • Oils and fats
  • Food packaging
  • Pasta
  • Pizza ingredients
  • Seasonings
  • Smoked sausages
  • Tinned products
  • Vegware Eco-friendly packaging
  • Vinegar and pickled products


Within each category we have several different options to choose from which is beneficial as it means that you’ve got a greater choice – so there will certainly be catering supplies that will match your requirements.

We have a friendly sales team who would be more than happy to answer any enquiries that you may have. Our sales team can give you advice on our products, answer any questions and help you with placing an order.

When it comes to actually ordering from us, we are able to offer a delivery service. Our delivery service was initially only available to customers in Scotland, however, as the demand for our wholesale catering supplies grow, we decided to expand it to the whole of the UK. Our delivery service ensures that you’ll be able to stock your premises quickly.

Browse our products section to find our catering supplies and don’t forget, if you have any questions at all then do not hesitate to contact us.