Smoked Sausages Glasgow

Morrison’s wholesaler has been supplying different types of companies in the catering industry with smoked sausages since 1966! So if you are in a business which requires you to have smoked sausages then Morrison’s wholesaler can offer you 2 different brands of smoked sausages to choose from.

As well as catering companies being able to come to us, the general public are also able to buy our smoked sausages. A large majority of the general public in the Glasgow area have bought smoked sausages from us and have done so for so long as they can remember.

Ordering our products

You can order our smoked sausages online or by phone. If you order them online then you can receive a 5% discount. By ordering online it can also save you from taking up precious time in the day just to order, the fact that you are ordering online means that you can order at whatever time best suits you. This is a more suitable option because it would mean that you wouldn’t have to go out of your way to make time to phone up to order. You get a discount at the same time!



If you opt for our delivery service then we can deliver to your order to your business or home in Glasgow without a hassle. The fact we are currently located not far from a motorway means it is easy for us to be able to drop off our orders faster to our customers.


We are located in Hillington which is in the Glasgow area. The fact it is not far from the motorway means that it may be easier for you to actually come and pick it up if you would choose to do so.

Our customers

People from all over Glasgow come to us for our smoked sausages and repeatedly come back time and time again, this is because of the quality of products we provide for the prices we offer them for. If you are looking for smoked sausages at a reasonable price then just have a look at what we can offer to you.


We are available to answer any questions that you may have, just contact us by filling out our contact form and one of our team will get back to you.