How To Make Breaded Chicken Glasgow

There are a number of ways that people in Glasgow make breaded chicken, with many people using breadcrumbs whilst others use flour.

Covering your chicken in breadcrumbs will add a distinctly different texture than what it would with flour. Although there is a different texture, both serve the purpose of protecting delicately textured foods from drying out.

Generally if you were to carry out breading with flour, egg-wash and breadcrumbs, there will be a crust around the chicken – keeping the moisture and flavour inside. Although if you were to use classic light flour dusting then it doesn’t.

Benefits of using both to make breaded chicken includes:

  • Breading with flour will give you a delicate, subtle coating
  • Breadcrumbs can offer a crunch and can mimic a deep frying without the grease
  • Both breading with flour and with breadcrumbs carry the flavour equally well


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