Gourmet Sauces

Monin Dark ChocolateHave you been looking for a wholesaler that provides gourmet sauces? If so then why not come to Morrison’s Food Services?

Here at Morrison’s Food Services we provide a wide range of gourmet desert sauces that are perfect for crepes, ice cream, cakes and a range of other deserts.

Our gourmet sauces have a smooth and creamy texture which is why they have become increasingly popular among desert shops, crepe stalls, ice cream parlours and restaurants all over Scotland.

We have a number of different flavours available when it comes to our gourmet desert sauces, with there being Caramel, White chocolate or Dark chocolate. These flavours are available either as 1.89 litre bottles or as 6x500ml squeezy bottles.

We charge decent prices for each of our gourmet sauces, with our prices being a fraction of what other wholesalers are charging, allowing you to save money by coming to us.

We are based in Glasgow however, we offer our gourmet sauces all over the UK meaning that we can deliver to you. If you are in Glasgow then you are able to pick up from us and would be charged for delivery. Our delivery service is generally next working day, so you don’t have to wait days and days for your order to arrive.

For more information on our gourmet sauces or to place an order with us just give our team a call on 0141 882 4648, they’d be more than happy to help with whatever it is that you require. Alternatively you can add the items to your cart and follow your order through the checkout.