Gluten Free Pizza Base

Gluten free pizza doesn’t equate to taste free pizza! With the moreish taste of Middleton gluten free pizza base your pizza dough will have customers begging for more.  Glasgow pizzerias are slowly adapting to the modern day trends of gluten free, catering to celiacs and gluten avoiders alike.

Gluten free pizza bases allow for coeliac consumers to enjoy pizza without any threat to their health whilst others with gluten sensitivity can prevent any side effects. The sales of gluten free pizza have soared by 58% between 2012 and 2015, with the gluten free market projected to value a huge 7.59 billion dollars by 2020. When almost every Glaswegian loves pizza and with such a large market for gluten free foods why wouldn’t you cater to this demographic. Gluten Free Pizza base mix not only allows you to expand your customer base but to offer existing customers an alternative to regular pizza dough.

Morrisons Food Services are proud to supply Middleton gluten free pizza base mix which can enable your business to serve quality tasting pizza. The high quality of the mix means that your gluten free pizza base will taste just as great as regular pizza allowing you to please the ever-growing gluten free demographic.

The gluten free pizza base consists of the finest ingredients which are manufactured in a completely gluten free factory – providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Our gluten free pizza base mix is incredibly easy to use with just the addition of fresh yeast, oil and water required for great results every time. Morrisons Food Services have provided ingredients to a host of restaurants and takeaways for many years, so you can confidently trust in our quality and expertise.

A common misconception of gluten free pizza is that the base will resemble cardboard with very little taste or indulgence. At Morrisons Food Services we provide only the greatest standard of pizza base mix which we guarantee to have customers praising and maybe even claiming they “can’t believe it’s gluten free”.

With very few Glasgow city restaurants offering a gluten free alternative to general or sourdough pizza you’d be silly not to broaden your product offering. The gluten free niche is one of the largest changes to the food industry since vegetarianism and so not to cater to them would certainly be missing a trick.

If your Glasgow business is seeking gluten free dough for your pizzas then Morrisons Food Services have the dough for you. Our bags of pizza dough are available in 12.5kg sacks and consist of the highest quality of gluten free mix.

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