Food Packaging Suppliers Scotland

Have you been looking for food packaging suppliers in Scotland? If so you should come and take a look at what our food packaging suppliers can offer to you.

Morrison’s has been established for over 40 years now, ever since establishment we have been providing a number of different food packaging products to people in a range of different locations throughout Scotland.

These products include:

  • Biodegradable boxes
  • Cardboard Meal Boxes
  • Food Trays & Cones
  • Paper Bags
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Polystyrene Food Boxes
  • Polythene Bags
  • Takeaway Containers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Wraps
  • Films
  • Plates
  • Disposable napkins & cutlery
  • Cups&lids
  • Cheque/waitress pad


Within each of our categories you will find a number of different products that you will be able to choose from, by having a variety we are able to provide food packaging products that suit everyone’s needs.

We can offer decent prices for our products and our customers regularly tell us that our prices are far better than other food packaging suppliers.

We are able to deliver all over Scotland and use the best couriers whilst doing so. The price of delivery can vary depending on the weight of your order, our delivery page will be able to tell you everything to do with delivery.

Our sales team are committed to providing a first-class service to our customers. They are available to answer any questions that you may have about our food packaging and can also provide practical advice should you need it. Our sales team can be contacted through our contact form or alternatively by phone call.