Food Packaging Glasgow

Who we are

At Morrison’s we provide a variety of different catering products to both the general public and catering businesses in Glasgow and other areas throughout Scotland. We were first established in 1966 and ever since then we have gained a reputation as one of the leading wholesalers, this is because of the level of customer service we provide as well as the quality of our products.

Our food packaging products

We have a wide selection of different food packaging available and if you have a takeaway service then you would benefit from the products that we can offer to you and others in Glasgow. As it currently stands Morrison’s can offer a 5% discount to all of those who order online to pick up in our store in Glasgow. Some businesses are based relatively close to where it is that we are based so they tend to prefer to come to us for these products instead of waiting  for them to be delivered.

The food packaging that we provide includes:

  • biodegradable boxes
  • cardboard meal boxes
  • cheque/waitress pad
  • cups & lids
  • disposable napkins & cutlery
  • food trays & cones
  • paper bags
  • pizza boxes
  • polystyrene food boxes
  • polythene bags
  • takeaway containers
  • wrapping paper and wraps
  • films and plates


We have different sizes of our food packaging which allows us to cater for your requirements.

Our delivery

We are able to provide a delivery service if you a catering company in Glasgow. Our delivery service is generally next day so you don’t need to worry about waiting days upon days for your order to arrive however, we don’t deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

To find out more about our food packaging 

If you are in need of food packaging for your business then you should go on to our web site and have a look at what we can offer to you and other businesses in various different areas. Should you see what you are looking for you then you can make an order for our food packaging either through our website or by phoning us.