Condiment Supplies Newcastle

Lion Real MayonnaiseWe have specialised in providing condiment supplies to companies based in Newcastle and various other areas since we were first established in 1966. Over the years we have gained a reliable reputation, this is due to the quality of the products that we can offer. The quality of products has also meant that the majority of our customers have returned to us and have recommended our products to other people that they know.

The condiment supplies that we can offer to people in Newcastle are:

  • Bottles of sauce
  • Catering size sauce and mayo
  • Sachets


We have a variety of different types of sauce and mayo available, with us being able to offer a range of different brands and sizes, this means we have options available to suit every companies requirements.

At our wholesaler we provide competitive prices to those in Newcastle who are interested in coming to us for our condiment supplies, these are prices that are a fraction of the price that you would be expected to pay elsewhere.

We are located close by a motorway which means that we can easily deliver condiment supplies to companies in Newcastle without any issues.

To find out more about the condiment supplies that we have available all you need to do is contact us, we will then be able to discuss our products in greater depth, the prices for our products and answer any questions that you might have about our products, you can contact us by filling out our online contact form or by giving us a call.