Chip Shop Supplies Scotland

We have been providing chip shop supplies to catering companies and the general public in Scotland ever since we were first established in 1966. The prices and quality of the chip shop supplies that we can provide has allowed us to become a reputable company and has also meant that more people than ever before have came to our wholesaler for our chip shop supplies.

We provide a wide range of chip supplies to choose from and can provide everything from food packaging to pickled products and condiments. The price of each of these products vary depending on the product and quantity that you choose however, you won’t find better products elsewhere. We also have a variety of different brands available as well, meaning that if you don’t like a particular brand then you can always order a different brand that we do.

We are able to deliver all over Scotland and use the best couriers whilst doing so, typically you can expect your order to arrive the next day! Although this is the case we don’t deliver on Saturdays and Sundays so keep this in mind when you are placing an order with us.

Our sales team are able to help you out should you be struggling when it comes to placing an order or technical information, they are also able to provide you with advice on our products should you need advice and can answer any question that you put to them about our chip shop supplies.