Chip Shop Supplies Newcastle

dv266002Here at Morrisons Food Services we have a wide selection of chip shop supplies available to catering companies in Newcastle. These chip shop supplies include vinegar products such as Pickled Eggs, Pickled Onions and Gherkins, Pizza boxes, Pizza ingredients, oils and fats, food trays and bags.

Catering businesses in Newcastle who come to us for our chip shop supplies will be able to choose from more than one type of product that we have so for example we have two different jars of pickled onions to choose from; morrison’s own brand of pickled onions and the Big Stoater pickled onions. By having more than one to choose from we are able to provide a variety of chip shop supplies to suit everyone’s requirements.

We provide highly competitive prices for our products, however, the price can vary depending on the product that you choose and the quantity. Before you go to buy you will be able to add the products to the cart and then it will come up the total cost including delivery before you place the order.

Here at Morrisons Food Services we use the best couriers and haulage companies to deliver online orders as quickly as possible to catering companies in Newcastle. We apply a next day delivery service for orders from dispatch at our warehouse so you don’t need to wait days upon days for your order to arrive. If your order takes longer than next day then this might be due to having low stock or it could be because we do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. However, if this is the case you can expect our team to notify you of the delay.

If you have any questions about our chip shop supplies then you can contact our team by phone or by filling out the contact form that we have on our contact page. One of our team will then be able to deal with your enquiry soon after.