Catering Supplies Irvine

Are you based in Irvine and in need of catering supplies for your business? If the answer is yes then Morrison’s Food Services could help you! We are a successful, professional wholesaler who has been offering our catering supplies to those in Irvine since first establishment in 1966. Since then we have built up an excellent reputation of the deliverance of these catering supplies and we now have a large customer base which includes fast food takeaways, cafes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, food manufacturers, wholesalers, soap manufacturers as well as many others.

We have a range of different catering supplies available here at Morrisons including catering equipment, foods and drinks, food packaging and oils and fats among many others.

We are able to provide our catering supplies to catering companies in Irvine and the general public as well. So if you are someone who is just interested in a particular product that we have here then you are able to just order it. There are some of our products that you can just order one of so you won’t need to go and buy it in bulk, a lot of the general public prefer this as they have no need for large orders.

If you are in need of catering supplies and you are in Irvine then all you need to do is make an order either online or by phoning us. You can either pick-up your catering supplies from us in Glasgow or we can have these catering supplies delivered directly to you at your home or property in Irvine. If you decide to pick up your order and you are ordering your catering supplies online then you will also be able to receive a 5% discount on your order. All you need to do is have a look around our site at the different catering supplies that we have and once you have found the catering supplies that you want just order them either online or by phoning us.