Baking Supplies Sunderland

Plain cookie 3.5kgAt Morrison’s we have a range of baking supplies for you to choose from.

We have been providing baking supplies to people based in Sunderland and various other areas since we were first established in 1966. Ever since then we have had large numbers of people coming to us, with our customers returning to us and recommending our baking supplies to other people that they know, this is due to the quality of the products that we can offer for the prices that we offer our products for. This quality of products has also meant that we have gained an excellent reputation over the years.

Our baking supplies are available to both the general public and catering businesses who are interested in coming to us for our products.

The different baking supplies that we can offer to people in Sunderland are as follows:

  • bakery fats and oils
  • bakery mixes
  • sugar


At our wholesaler we have more than one brand to choose from for those who come to us for these supplies, this gives our customers a wide selection to choose from.

We offer competitive prices for our baking supplies, these prices vary depending on the brand, the weight and the amount that you are interested in, however you won’t find better prices elsewhere.

If you are based in Sunderland and would like to order supplies then all you need to do is contact us by filling out our online contact form or by giving us a call.