Sponge Mix Glasgow

Here at Morrison’s Food Services, we supply takeaways around the United Kingdom with a number of great products, however, we’re not just limited to traditional chip shop ingredients. We also offer our clients a number of fantastic dessert supplies so that restaurants, bakeries and more ambitious takeaways can take advantage of our fabulous deals. We provide some terrific sponge mixes in Glasgow so that takeaways and restaurants can dazzle their customers with delicious cakes and get ahead of the competition.

Dessert takeaways are only rising in popularity within Glasgow in particular. What once was a rarity is now the norm, as there is easy access to at least one dessert restaurant or takeaway in every area throughout the city. Whether it’s big brands like Creams or smaller independent stores, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered some in your travels throughout the city centre. Also likely is the fact that they will at least have briefly taken your attention. Out-of-home dessert is a market that is only on the increase, with new stores opening daily, and is definitely something smart entrepreneurs should take advantage of.

The sponge mix that we provide to Glasgow businesses offers a cost-effective, less time-consuming method of producing some great cakes. Not everyone has the time to bake from scratch, especially if dessert isn’t the main offering. Our chocolate sponge mix, carrot cake mix and chocolate muffin mix will help produce high-quality products with only a little extra work. You can capitalise on the dessert trend without having to compromise the time dedicated to the rest of your menu.

We don’t just limit our dessert offerings to just cake mix, at Morrisons Food Services we also provide clients with pre-made dessert confectionary and dessert sauces, totally eliminating all effort required to make delicious additions to your menu. Alternatively, we also provide high-quality sugar and premium syrups, for those who want to create their own original sweets and cakes. Whether you’re looking to focus your business around producing desserts, or you’re just looking to add something extra to your menu, we have super products that will suit the needs of everyone.

Ordering sponge mix for your Glasgow catering business can give you an efficient way of offering something different that will help your store or service to stand out, without creating a lot of extra work. Morrison’s Food Services’ products have been tried and tested by many fantastic companies around the country. For more information, feel free to get in contact with us.