Specialist Fish And Chip Shop Suppliers Paisley


In Paisley, there is a number of Fish and Chip shops in competition with one another due to there being a large volume of them in just a small area. Here at Morrisons Food Services, we believe that the key to staying ahead of the competitors is plain and simple, produce a high-quality product that will keep the customers satisfied and returning for more. This is why we would consider ourselves specialist fish and chips shop suppliers.

We offer a range of excellent ingredients at affordable prices which would benefit your fish and chip shop. Some of the ingredients we have are :

  • oils and fats
  • curry sauce mix
  • gravy mix
  • sauces
  • batter mix and flour
  • pizza ingredients

These are just a number of ingredients we can offer your business. As well as this we also can provide packagings such as food cartons, cardboard meal boxes, food trays, takeaway containers, and pizza boxes. We also have a range of catering utensils and equipment including chip scoops, chip buckets, and fish lifters.

We provide a delivery service to all customers as well. Once you place your order we will process it as soon as possible and the delivery will be there within two working days. If you spend over £400 then our delivery service is free of charge.

In order for you to stay ahead in the competition, you need a reliable and trustworthy specialist fish and chip shop provider. If you are in the Paisley area and would like to find out more or place an order then please get in touch where one of our staff members will be delighted to help.