Red Salt Glasgow

If you go into any Chinese takeaway, you will notice that salt and chilli variations are popping up all over the menus. Salt and chilli chips, salt and chilli chicken, and even salt and chilli pizza crunch. It’s a craze that doesn’t seem to be slowing down and is, in fact, spreading to other types of takeaway stores. This is because consumers are getting bored of the traditional salty flavours that takeaways offer. The British public is craving more exotic and exciting flavours, and it would be silly not to attempt to capitalise on this trend. Morrisons Food Services sell seasoned salt products, like Red Salt, in Glasgow to smart business owners who want to expand the horizons of what flavours their food can excite their customers with.

Seasoned salt is a blend of table salt, spices, herbs and other flavourings. It’s often used on chips, pizza and chicken to make the flavours a little more exciting and different from the norm. Red Salt is a type of seasoned salt that adds a special spice flavour to give your food that extra punch. Red Salt is known to taste similar to the Nando’s peri-peri salt. Being that every single Nando’s in Glasgow is always chock-a-block full of people, it only makes sense that red salt in Glasgow’s takeaways would also be a highly popular item. At Morrisons Food Services we offer American Red Salt and BBQ Red Salt, two variations so that you have two new unique products to offer to your clientele.

However, Morrisons Food Services don’t just stock Red Salt for Glasgow takeaways, but a number of other salt seasoning products are on offer as well. This means that you can mix and match the products we deliver and create your own unique menu that will leave customers wanting more. No matter if you’re looking for a more peppery taste or a more spicy tang, we have a range of products that will perfectly suit the food that you serve to your customers.

Red salt and products that are similar, truly are the next big thing in the restaurant business. It’s a craze that seems to be rapidly picking up steam, and it would be a shame to not take advantage of this. If you’re a restaurant or takeaway owner who is looking to capitalise on the latest trend, we supply red salt in Glasgow and in other areas in Scotland. The products that Morrisons Food Services deliver are all tried and tested by our fantastic clients and they agree that they are to a superb quality.quality.