At Morrisons we are passionate about pizza and maintain that chefs require the best ingredients to prepare the perfect pizza!  Therefore we source from the best manufacturers in Italy for Pizza Flour, Tomatoes and Cheese.  See below for the full range of ingredients:


Pizza Flour

We are the exclusive stockists of Molini Lario Pizza Flour in the UK.  Since we launched this line of pizza flour 4 years ago, it has grown from strength to strength and now we stock 8 different types:

Teglia 00 Pizza Flour

Bella Pizza SPR 00 Pizza Flour

Classica 00 Pizza Flour

Tipo 1 Arancio Pizza Flour

Tipo 2 Arancio Pizza Flour

Tipo 2 Azzurra Pizza Flour

Tipo 0 Millenium Pizza Flour

Integrale Wholemeal Flour


Semola Flour

We have recently brought in a new Semola flour to accompany our top quality pizza flour.  Casillo Group are experts in producing quality Semola flour and this particular one is perfectly fine to make opening your pizza dough an easy and less messy job.

Le Semole d’autore 5Kg


The best tomatoes in the world have to be San Marzano tomatoes which are grown in rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius.  This is a very popular product but also commands a higher price.  We also have a brand new Italian Crushed Tomato from Casillo Group  which comes in a handy pack of 2x5Kg bag in box.

La Valle San Marzano Tomatoes 6×2.55Kg

Casillo Polpa di Pomodoro 2x5Kg


Grilled Vegetables

Vegetarian dishes are becoming more and more popular and our range of grilled vegetables are the easy way to offer a veggie pizza to your menu.  These vegetables are grilled, sliced and marinated in oil to maintain their flavour and quality.

Red & Yellow Peppers






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