Morrisons Curry And Gravy Mix


Our family-run business has been supplying people in the catering world since 1966 providing numerous ingredients and food products to a whole range of different catering businesses. Our dedication to making pleasing the customers is second to none with many of the businesses who first came to us becoming regulars for years.

For years we have provided fish and chip shops all around Scotland with their curry and gravy mix.  We offer a range of different curry sauces from our hot and spicy mix to our standard original mix. Also, we have a gluten-free curry mix for those intolerant to gluten however the curry mix is still as tasty. Although we provide the curry mix to predominately fish and chip shops in 8kg tubs we also offer smaller tubs for people who enjoy cooking and this is perfect for making a homemade curry for you and the family. For people like this wanting to use our curry mix in the house, we have smaller 405g tubs.

As well as our curry mix, our gravy mix is hugely popular among our regular customers in the fish and chip shop industry. Nowadays a lot more people are opting for gravy on top of their chips or their suppers. Our original gravy mix is a big favourite amongst the chip shop customers which leaves them returning for more. As well as this we also provide a gluten-free gravy mix for those people who are allergic to gluten, despite this the gravy mix remains just as delicious on your food.

Here at Morrisons we also offer a delivery service so if you are running low on any of our curry or gravy mix or anything else for that matter then just place an order and it will be with you within two working days. If you would like to place an order on any of our curry or gravy mix or find out more about these products or any other products we offer then please have a look at our website or contact us if you would like to order.