Gluten Free Food Suppliers Glasgow

There are many people who search for places who can provide them with gluten free food products in Glasgow and here at Morrisons Food Services we are proud to say that we provide some gluten free ingredients for our customers.

We are a family run company who have been supplying the catering trade for many years now. Our customers include fish and chip shops, restaurants, bakeries, catering vans etc. We offer a huge range of products to our customers and are partners with some well known companies such as Kerry, Middleton, Olympic, Keejays and Frymax to name just a few, you can however see the full list on our website.

As gluten free food suppliers in Glasgow some of the gluten free products we offer include curry sauce, breadcrumbs, batter mix, vinegar and gravy. Having gluten free options available for our customers to choose from is very important to us as there are more and more people being diagnosed with coeliac disease as well as many undiagnosed cases. People with coeliac disease have to avoid foods which contain or have been contaminated by other glutenous products.

As well as being gluten free food suppliers we also supply many other items to our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. You can check out our website to see everything that we have although if there is something that you are looking for that you can’t find on our website you can contact us and ask us about it. Our staff are helpful and will do whatever they can to help. You can contact us via email at sales@morrisonsfoodservices, or you can call us on 0141 882 – 4648.