Gluten Free Curry Sauce

Gluten Free Curry Sauce

For all of your takeaway needs, our gluten free curry sauce means you can now cater to the ever-growing population of gluten intolerants and coeliac consumers. Chippies choice curry sauce is chosen by many award-winning takeaways which is bound to meet most people’s tastes.

 Why Sell Curry Sauce?

Chips cheese and curry sauce has become a revolution amongst Scottish clubbers, with many refusing to end a night out without a glorious portion of curried chips. For the less fortunate coeliac, the temptation of curried chips just isn’t possible with the presence of gluten. By selling gluten free curry sauce you could cater to a greater pool of customers, hence allowing everyone to savour the cheesy, curry chips combo.

It’s important to take food allergies seriously, especially with gluten and nut allergies. When a coeliac consumes even the tiniest particle of gluten this can inflict serious health issues. By offering gluten free curry sauce amongst other gluten free offerings we can cater to consumers who experience a limited product offering.

 Why Buy from us?

Most fish and chip shops and takeaways require reliability and efficiency when considering a supplier. We know that managing stock levels can be difficult when suppliers are unreliable and so we ensure delivery is carried out where and when required. With the help of Morrisons Food Services you can provide the highest of service quality.


With Morrisons Food Services, we ensure your food can be delivered on time and with care – we’re not Scotland’s Premier Foodservices Supplier for nothing. Our couriers and haulage companies are only the best and are used to deliver online orders with efficiency. Visit our delivery page to find our delivery charges.