Glasgow Food Suppliers

As a family run business, Morrisons Food Services are proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We are one of the leading food suppliers in Glasgow, offering an extensive range of food products to our customers. From crispy golden batter mix and oils, to deliciously sweet dessert sauces, to creamy mayonnaise, we have a number of products to accommodate your catering needs.

Batter Mix
In Scotland, customers love the nations favourite dishes; fish and chips, chicken goujons and other tasty fried foods. Customers look for a light, golden and crispy batter when they treat themselves to these dishes. At Morrisons Food Services, we provide the best batter mix, which our customers continue to love.

Perfect for fish and chips, we offer Middletons Gold Batter and Middletons Light Batter Mixes. With a delightfully light texture, honey golden colour and consistent frying quality, this batter mix remains crisp in the box when served, guaranteeing happy customers.

Confectionery Ingredients
Everyone has a sweet tooth. From cake mixes, dessert sauces, and premium syrups, Morrisons Food Services has everything to satisfy your customer’s sugar cravings. Our range of cake mixes is particularly delicious and easy to use. The pre-mixed recipes normally require just the addition of eggs or milk and ensure consistent results time after time.

And the perfect accompaniment to any cake is a warming cup of coffee. Customers are becoming more adventurous with their choices of coffee and are often looking for that extra something special. At Morrisons Food Services, we supply an array of premium syrups to spice up a standard cup of coffee, including caramel, cinnamon, chocolate and even gingerbread syrup.

Gluten Free
There are more and more customers who are becoming gluten free. Whether it is due to an allergy or health interests, there is an ever-increasing demand for gluten free products. Be sure not to let down your customers and provide them with gluten free options of their favourite foods.

At Morrisons Food Services, we want to cater for all our your customers. We have many gluten free products such as gluten free pizza flour, gluten free gravy and gluten free batter mixes.

Sadly, many people think that gluten free = bad tasting food. This isn’t the case with Morrisons Food Services products. Our gluten free ranges of food products taste the same and look the same as normal food, just without the gluten!

Morrisons Food Services are based in Hillington Park in Glasgow and is ideally located just off of the M8 Motorway. This means we have easy access to the rest of Glasgow and the whole of Scotland for deliveries. If you are interested in any of the products that we as Glasgow food suppliers offer or if you would like to find out more information, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. We are more than happy to help!