Morrisons Foodservices is synonymous in supplying the Fish & Chip Trade in Scotland.  Most of our clients place their weekly order for products such as Oils, Fats, Batter Flour, Sauces, Packaging and Catering Utensils.  Our sales team has a wealth of knowledge to draw from and can advise which products are best suited to each customer.

Danish Premier JusAccross our range there are a variety of options, for example, we offer 9 different types of Frying Fat, ranging from Tradional Beef Dripping to Halal & Kosher Palm Oil, specially made for Fish Friers.  We also stock 15 different types of Batter Flour which all offer different colour, texture, crispness and volume.

M Batter Mix Advert 2Morrisons has also developed different packaging solutions for Fish & Chips.  Customers can choose to package their food in either polystyrene trays/boxes, traditional wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard boxes or biodegradable boxes.  These can all be packed into polythene carrier bags or paper carrier bags.  Look out for our new Tasty Fish & Chip Range of boxes, bags and greaseproof paper.

Tasty Fish & Chip Box