Coconut Oil Paisley


If you’re a chip shop or takeaway owner, you’ve probably accepted that your food isn’t the healthiest. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, as no one really goes out to a fast-food restaurant for a salad. However, with a number of regulations and taxes being introduced in an attempt to coerce the public into thinking about healthy eating, it is a smart business choice to consider less unhealthy options. We offer alternatives like coconut oil so that Paisley takeaways and restaurants can deliver their customers a more healthy alternative to the traditional takeaway offerings.

There is debate among nutritionists regarding just how healthy Coconut Oil really is. Coconut Oil is well known to contain a number of healthy fatty acids that are crucial in order to be able to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. It’s also been suggested that it can help kill harmful bacteria. It is, however, a source of saturated fat and this is what has nutritionists divided. While it used to be the villain of the diet world, saturated fats are now generally regarded as something that is needed for a balanced diet, but in moderation. Coconut Oil’s health benefits are not written off due to the fact it is a saturated fat, it is still a lot healthier for you than the traditional offerings.

However, it’s usefulness isn’t just limited to potential health benefits. It acts as a very stable cooking oil, and this is important if you’re looking to deep fry menu items. There have been multiple studies that show that it’s quality doesn’t deteriorate when been fried at high temperatures. What makes Coconut Oil a particularly good ingredient for catering businesses is its shelf life, especially in comparison to other fats available. It is solid when kept at room temperature, so it can be used in baking as well as frying, and works as a great alternative to butter in recipes.

We provide a delivery service that will allow you to receive this product, and many more,  for a very fair price. Utilising only the most reliable of couriers, we can get your products to you in as little as two working days. So if you’re looking for high-quality, yet affordable, coconut oil for your Paisley takeaway or catering business, you won’t find a better service than from Morrison’s Food Services.