Chip Shop Supplies Lanarkshire

If you are a chip shop based in the Lanarkshire area and you are looking for chip shop supplies then look no further. Morrison’s wholesaler can provide chip shops in the Lanarkshire area with a range of chip shop supplies.

Here at Morrison’s we can provide you with vinegar and pickled products, with us having two different brands of pickled onions for you to choose from. We have chip shop packaging supplies available for example wrapping paper, polythene bags and cardboard meal boxes and can provide a range of condiments to choose from as well.

If you are interested in any of our chip shop supplies for your chip shop in Lanarkshire or if you are a member of the general public that is interested in purchasing our products then all you need to do is have a look at the different chip shop supplies that we have to offer to you. Afterwards you can then order your chip shop supplies either online or by phoning us, there is also an option for you to pick-up in store if you would prefer to.

If you do decide to pick up in store but you order online then you can also receive a 5% discount. This discount can only be redeemed if you are picking up in store and ordering online.Should you decide to order chip shop supplies from us then you will not be disappointed at what Morrison’s can offer to you.