Catering Supplies Livingston

Are you based in the Livingston area and in need of catering supplies for your catering business? Morrison’s wholesaler has been established since 1966 and during which time has gained a respectable reputation for the delivering a range of catering supplies. Our catering supplies has became increasingly popular over the years and more people recommend our company to others for catering supplies on a daily basis.

We have a wide selection of catering supplies available and can provide:

  • Ingredients
  • foods such as smoked sausages, pasta and much more
  • drinks
  • food preparation
  • oils and fats
  • tinned products
  • sauces and condiments
  • vinegar and pickled products
  • catering equipment


If you are interested in our catering supplies and you are in Livingston then you should have a look around at the different products that we currently have on our site. Although we do catering supplies for businesses, our catering supplies are also open to the general public should they wish to purchase any catering supplies from us. So you can purchase our products regardless of whether you are a business or just a member of the general public.

Once you have ordered the catering items that you are interested in you can decide whether or not you would like your catering items to be delivered to your premises in Livingston or whether or not you would prefer to come to our store in Glasgow and pick up from our store. If you would prefer to pick up your items from our store then if you order online you will receive a 5% discount, so don’t delay!