Catering Supplies Kilmarnock

In need of catering supplies?If so you should come to Morrison’s Food Services. We have been supplying our catering supplies to those in Kilmarnock now since 1966. Since then we have gained a reputation as one of the leading companies in the area that provides catering supplies,  this has helped our business excel as we frequently have new customers coming to us because they have been recommended to our business through an existing customer.

Here at Morrison’s wholesaler it doesn’t matter whether you are a business who needs catering supplies or if you are just a member of the general public, this is because we provide our supplies to both. We offer a large selection of different catering supplies as we do foods, equipment and even packaging, so everything that you would need to run a catering business we have here at Morrison’s Food Services.

We can also deliver these catering supplies directly to your property as well or if you would prefer you can pick up these catering supplies from our wholesaler in Glasgow. We would advise that if you are ordering our catering supplies to be delivered to you in Kilmarnock that you order more than one or two items, this is because it is becoming increasingly difficult for our drivers each week to deliver just one or two items to properties in the Kilmarnock area.

Alternatively you could pick these items up at our wholesaler. If you order online and you are going to pick up your catering supplies then we can also provide you with a 5% discount. Please note that this offer is only available on your catering supplies if you are picking up your order and if you have placed this order online.

If you are in need of catering supplies then all you need to do is have a look around our site and see what catering supplies you want then order them either by phoning us or making an order online.