Catering Supplies Falkirk

Morrison’s Food Services is a wholesaler which has been supplying catering supplies since 1966. Since 1966 we have been able to offer our catering supplies to people all around Scotland, Falkirk being one of the main areas that we cover. If you are in Falkirk and you are in need of catering supplies for your business then why not have a look at what Morrison’s can offer to you?

We can offer a range of different catering supplies including temperature equipment, serving equipment, preparation equipment, and much more. Morrison’s can also offer you products such as drinks, pickled products, oils and fats, ingredients, condiments and sauces etc. A full list of our products can be found on the home-page of our website.

Our catering supplies are available to the general public as well as catering companies, with some of our products you are also able to just buy one so you don’t need to buy all of our items in bulk. You will also be able to decide whether you would like to pick-up your items from us or whether you would prefer for your items to be delivered to your business/home in Falkirk. If you opt to pick-up your items from our wholesaler in Glasgow then ordering online will give you a 5% discount. This is only if you are picking up your catering supplies and you have ordered online.

Have you got any questions about our catering supplies? If so just contact our sales team and someone will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.