Catering Equipment Glasgow

Fat Fryer CleanerMorrison’s is a wholesaler that has specialised in catering equipment for several years now. Established in 1966 and based in Glasgow, we are one of Scotland’s largest independent distributors of catering equipment.

We can provide everything from:

  • cooking equipment
  • first aid equipment
  • preparation and serving equipment
  • temperature equipment


Our website has a wide variety of catering equipment for our customers to choose from so we feel that we can accommodate everyone who uses our company.  We have become one of the most respected names in the catering industry, with an enviable reputation for the quality of our products. As a result of this quality more than half of our customers have remained with us ever since and have spoken highly of our wholesaler to other people in Glasgow. We believe in providing our customers with catering equipment that is not only of the highest quality but that is also a good price.

At our wholesaler there have been many improvements over the years, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication that we have for our customers, with customer service being the main focus here at our company.
Our customers are able to pick up their catering equipment from us directly at our wholesaler or we can deliver to their properties, by having these options in place we are able to accommodate for all client requirements. Our wholesaler is situated in Glasgow just off the M8 Motorway at Junction 26 so if you do decide to have your catering equipment delivered then you can expect an efficient delivery service.

Should you wish to discuss your order requirements or for advice/technical support please feel free to contact our friendly sales team, we would be more than happy to help.