Catering Equipment Edinburgh

For restaurants or takeaway vans, not having the right catering equipment can be an absolute nightmare, especially during a busy service. With a lack of catering equipment, it can be hard to cook or prepare certain foods. This can result in not being able to serve customers and subsequently a loss of sales. At Morrisons Food Services, we provide quality catering equipment in Edinburgh so that you do not have to endure this stress.

Cooking Equipment
For those chippy vans out there, Morrisons Food Services has everything you need. We are best known for supplying frying oils and fats to Fish and Chip Takeaways. Also providing quality-cooking equipment, Morrisons Food Services offers catering equipment including aluminium chip scoops, scampi baskets, heavy-duty skimmers and a variety of sizes of fish lifters and frying baskets.

First Aid Equipment
Working with hot foods, it is inevitable that some accidents may happen. It is best to be prepared for any incidents that may happen at work. At Morrisons Food Services, we provide first aid equipment to keep you and your employees safe. For accidents with hot oils or cooking equipment, we supply burn spray to ease the pain and instantly soothe burns and scalds.

Preparation Equipment
As we all know, preparation is key. Morrisons Food Services provides a range of preparation equipment to ensure that all of your food products are prepared to a high standard before serving to your customers. There are a variety of sizes of gallon tanks to store oil and fats as well as chip bins and chip bin trolleys. Additionally we provide griddle scrapers, which helps to prepare the griddle before cooking more products.

Serving Equipment
Having the appropriate serving equipment is essential to your business. From fish tongs, to pizza cutters, to pea ladles, we have it all. And don’t forget about those important condiments! Morrisons Food Services provides serving equipment such as sauce bottles, vinegar bottle tops and salt pots to cater for your customer’s tastes.

As a family run business, Morrisons Food Services is proud to be one of the leading suppliers for the catering trade in Scotland and have been since 1966. Over the years we have established a credible reputation and have developed an extensive range of products to accommodate our client’s needs. At Morrisons Food Services, our customers come first.

If you are interested in any of our products or you have any  general enquiries about our catering equipment in Edinburgh or our other services, then get in contact with us today. We are based in Hillington Park in Glasgow and our website has a wide range of products for you to browse.