Brown Bags With Handles Edinburgh

There are many fun aspects of owning your own catering business. Not only do you have the potential for some fantastic profits, but you also get automatic bragging rights, However, if you to be able to crow to all your friends about your amazing business, you need to have an amazing business. Trust us when we say that it is the small details that make all the difference. You could have the most delicious takeaway food in the world, but if the extras aren’t there, you won’t get the success you deserve. Thankfully, Morrisons Food Services is here to help you out. We provide our clients with items that are a little less exciting but very important, so you can have a successful business. Our brown bags with handles in Edinburgh will give your clients an eco-friendly and convenient method of carrying food home with them.

Perhaps you’re reading this and doubt the importance of brown bags with handles in Edinburgh? Fair enough. We’re not going to kid ourselves that it is the most glamorous or thrilling of items. However, have you ever been to a chip shop and ordered takeout for the whole family only to be told afterwards that they’ve run out of bags? Take it from us; it’s a nightmare. What may seem like a minor inconvenience is really an epic struggle when you are placed in the situation. It is especially annoying in a city like Edinburgh where you have to dodge tourists and climb up steep hills and old streets. If you do this to your customers, they won’t want to come back.

You may be asking, why brown bags with handles? Surely plastic is the way to go in a rainy city like Edinburgh? We do sell those also, however, the current trend within every industry is a focus on being eco-friendly. Rightly so, climate change is a terrifying reality and we are limited in time to combat it. According to NASA, there is a 95% chance that the current warming trend is due to the harmful activities of humans. People are now paying attention to this warning and taking it seriously. Businesses need to step up in order to both help the planet and please customers. Plastic bags generally aren’t biodegradable, whereas our brown bags with handles in Edinburgh are. They are fairly durable, so you won’t have to worry about them melting in the rain either.

Our brown bags with handles in Edinburgh come in three sizes; small, medium and large. In our small packs of bags, you will receive 250 bags, and our large and medium packs come with 125 bags. Our small pack costs £7.99 so you are buying a bag at 3p per bag. Not a bad price to keep your customers happy. It’s really not worth going without, as your customer service will suffer. For more information on our brown bags with handles, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to answer any queries.

Food Cartons Glasgow

People only ever talk about the glamorous side of owning a catering business. While it is true that you can get some fantastic opportunities for profit, owning a catering business is a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, you can’t just become a success without putting some effort in. Thankfully for catering and takeaway owners, Morrisons Food Services is here to help. Not only can we supply you with high-quality food items, but we can also provide you with items that are less considered but equally as important. It is all well and good serving clients fantastic meals, but if you don’t have cutlery or containers, your customers aren’t going to be happy. Morrisons Food Services can provide catering businesses with food cartons in Glasgow so that they can seamlessly run a successful takeaway or restaurant.

The thing about Glasgow is that there is a lot of takeaways. According to Glasgow Live, there are more fast food joints per head than any other place in the country. Per 10,00 people, there are almost 90 takeaways. While this does mean that there is a consistent market out there for catering companies to flourish, there is also a whole lot of competition. In order to ensure that your business is a success, you need to do everything you can to keep those clients coming back to your establishment. It really doesn’t take a lot either, especially if you already serve good food. By focusing on the customer experience side of things, you’ll be able to keep customers returning to your business and hopefully recommending you to others.

We’re not going to lie and say that food cartons in Glasgow are the most important aspect of customer service, but they certainly help. As the name suggests, the whole point in a takeaway is that customers have the ability to take the food away with them. Not having adequate supplies to help customers carry their food home, will be a big inconvenience for them and won’t encourage returning custom. Morrisons has a wide range of containers for businesses to purchase. No matter what type of food you sell, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our food cartons in Glasgow come in an array of sizes and are suitable for a number of different food products. Cakes, sandwiches, salads, stews, noodles, pasta and rice will all fit easily into one of our food cartons. Best of all, our food cartons in Glasgow are made with sustainably sourced paper board and compostable grease-resistant lining. So not only are they functional, but you can reassure your customers that you are an eco-friendly establishment. If you’re interested in purchasing our food cartons or any other container, these can easily be found on our website. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help.

Polystyrene Chip Trays Glasgow

We’re the first to admit that there are some less glamorous aspects to running a takeaway. Morrisons Food Services have been providing products to restaurants and takeaways throughout the United Kingdom since we were founded back in 1966. We know what you need to run a successful business. So, we have you totally covered. Here at Morrisons, we offer our clients small yet crucial elements like polystyrene chip trays in Glasgow. We ensure that we have the right products as our business is dedicated to making sure that yours succeeds. As we provide only the highest-quality products at the best prices, you can be sure that you are getting fantastic service from us.

According to statistics found on the Glasgow Live website, Glasgow now has more takeaway joints per head than any other place in Scotland. There are 89 takeaways per 100,000 people. That’s a lot of fast food. More to the point, it’s a lot of businesses for yours to compete with. You need to do everything you can to reel in those clients. We know from the stats that it is a lucrative market with profit to be made. So, it’s important that you do everything you can to ensure that you offer top service. Our polystyrene chip trays in Glasgow can help you do this.

It’s bizarre how important small things like polystyrene chip trays are to a takeaway. Glasgow customers would definitely notice the absence of them if you suddenly didn’t have any in stock. After all, the main attraction of having a fish and chips is being able to walk down the cold city streets with a piping hot takeaway. If you don’t have the means to offer your clients something to carry their food in, they aren’t likely to want to use your services. It’s as simple as that. Thankfully, this isn’t a thing you’ll have to worry about with Morrisons Food Services. We have everything you need to run a successful catering business.

Morrisons Food Services have been providing clients with fantastic products since 1966. Over the years we’ve provided takeaway equipment and products to hundreds of businesses around the country. Thousands of satisfied clients can testify to the fact that we are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to make your takeaway business a success. For more information on our products likes our polystyrene chip trays in Glasgow, please feel free to get in contact.

Chip Shop Equipment Glasgow

There are tons of great fish and chip shops spread throughout Glasgow. You need to provide clients with the perfect product and service if you’re wanting to stand out amongst them all. It’s true, being a good business person is a big part of it. If you have talented staff and a good plan of operations, that will help out a great deal. However, a workman is only as good as his tools. If you’re wanting to run a successful chip shop, you need the perfect equipment that won’t let you down. Morrisons Food Services provides clients with chip shop equipment in Glasgow so that they can run a successful business.

If you’re opening a new fish and chip business, there are tons of tiny details that you need to consider. The bigger things are more obvious and therefore usually take priority. For example, the fact that you need to have a well-designed property is obvious. You know you need a clean space that is easily accessible and inviting. Designing the more obvious elements takes up a lot of time, and this sometimes means the smaller things fall by the wayside. However, if you attempt to open your chip shop without the chip shop equipment you need, you’ll very quickly fall into problems.

Ever tried to fry a fish without a frying basket? It doesn’t work out well. You need things like Chip Scoops, Fish Lifters and Skimmers in order to have a business that runs efficiently. These are the smaller elements that new business owners usually forget to consider. That’s okay, as Morrisons Food Services have you covered. We have all the chip shop equipment in Glasgow that you could possibly need in order to have a profitable business with happy customers.

Morrisons Food Services is a family owned business that is proud to deliver clients with high-quality catering products. We’ve been industry leaders since we were founded back in 1966. The reason that we’ve stayed on top is that we put our customers first. Larger brands put profits above service, but this is an ethos that we don’t believe in. For more information on our chip shop equipment in Glasgow, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to hear from you!

Specialist Fish And Chip Shop Suppliers Edinburgh

Did you know that there are now over 10,500 fish and chip shops spread across the UK? To put that into perspective, there are only 1,200 McDonalds. In Edinburgh, there are 12 McDonalds throughout the city. We reckon that you could easily find a single street that has almost as many fish and chip takeaways as that. It’s a big industry. If you want to stand out, you need to have the perfect recipes and ingredients. For those wanting a specialist fish and chip shop suppliers in Edinburgh, Morrisons Food Services should be your first choice. We’ve been established as an industry leader since 1966, and we can help you put your business on the map.

When you look at the stats, it’s easy to see why you would want to start a takeaway business. Despite a Government focus on healthy eating, fast-food is more popular now than ever. According to the Federation of Fish Friers, the annual spend on fish and chips in the UK is 1.2 billion. Who wouldn’t want a cut out of that pie? Most of the population will visit and fish and chip shop at least once a year. Additionally, Edinburgh is big on tourism. Fish and chips are seen to be a staple of UK cuisine, so you can be sure that tourists will want to try the real deal while they are in Edinburgh. There are many ways in which you can attempt to stand out, but we feel the best way is to have a specialist fish and chip shop supplier in Edinburgh backing you. We want to help make your business a success by offering you the best ingredients for the best prices.

Morrisons Food Services offer a range of products that can help boost your business and make it a success. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Oils and Fats
  • Dessert Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Condiments and Sauces
  • Catering Equipment
  • Pizza Ingredients
  • Batter Mix

This is just a small sample of what we can provide for our clients. You can easily find the rest of our offerings on our website.

To ensure that you stand out in a busy market, you need a specialist fish and chip shop supplier in Edinburgh that you trust. We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we know what ingredients you need to delight your customers. For more information on how we can help you, please feel free to get in contact. Our friendly team will be happy to help!

Glasgow Food Suppliers

As a family run business, Morrisons Food Services are proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We are one of the leading food suppliers in Glasgow, offering an extensive range of food products to our customers. From crispy golden batter mix and oils, to deliciously sweet dessert sauces, to creamy mayonnaise, we have a number of products to accommodate your catering needs.

Batter Mix
In Scotland, customers love the nations favourite dishes; fish and chips, chicken goujons and other tasty fried foods. Customers look for a light, golden and crispy batter when they treat themselves to these dishes. At Morrisons Food Services, we provide the best batter mix, which our customers continue to love.

Perfect for fish and chips, we offer Middletons Gold Batter and Middletons Light Batter Mixes. With a delightfully light texture, honey golden colour and consistent frying quality, this batter mix remains crisp in the box when served, guaranteeing happy customers.

Confectionery Ingredients
Everyone has a sweet tooth. From cake mixes, dessert sauces, and premium syrups, Morrisons Food Services has everything to satisfy your customer’s sugar cravings. Our range of cake mixes is particularly delicious and easy to use. The pre-mixed recipes normally require just the addition of eggs or milk and ensure consistent results time after time.

And the perfect accompaniment to any cake is a warming cup of coffee. Customers are becoming more adventurous with their choices of coffee and are often looking for that extra something special. At Morrisons Food Services, we supply an array of premium syrups to spice up a standard cup of coffee, including caramel, cinnamon, chocolate and even gingerbread syrup.

Gluten Free
There are more and more customers who are becoming gluten free. Whether it is due to an allergy or health interests, there is an ever-increasing demand for gluten free products. Be sure not to let down your customers and provide them with gluten free options of their favourite foods.

At Morrisons Food Services, we want to cater for all our your customers. We have many gluten free products such as gluten free pizza flour, gluten free gravy and gluten free batter mixes.

Sadly, many people think that gluten free = bad tasting food. This isn’t the case with Morrisons Food Services products. Our gluten free ranges of food products taste the same and look the same as normal food, just without the gluten!

Morrisons Food Services are based in Hillington Park in Glasgow and is ideally located just off of the M8 Motorway. This means we have easy access to the rest of Glasgow and the whole of Scotland for deliveries. If you are interested in any of the products that we as Glasgow food suppliers offer or if you would like to find out more information, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. We are more than happy to help!

Gluten Free Curry Sauce

Gluten Free Curry Sauce

For all of your takeaway needs, our gluten free curry sauce means you can now cater to the ever-growing population of gluten intolerants and coeliac consumers. Chippies choice curry sauce is chosen by many award-winning takeaways which is bound to meet most people’s tastes.

 Why Sell Curry Sauce?

Chips cheese and curry sauce has become a revolution amongst Scottish clubbers, with many refusing to end a night out without a glorious portion of curried chips. For the less fortunate coeliac, the temptation of curried chips just isn’t possible with the presence of gluten. By selling gluten free curry sauce you could cater to a greater pool of customers, hence allowing everyone to savour the cheesy, curry chips combo.

It’s important to take food allergies seriously, especially with gluten and nut allergies. When a coeliac consumes even the tiniest particle of gluten this can inflict serious health issues. By offering gluten free curry sauce amongst other gluten free offerings we can cater to consumers who experience a limited product offering.

 Why Buy from us?

Most fish and chip shops and takeaways require reliability and efficiency when considering a supplier. We know that managing stock levels can be difficult when suppliers are unreliable and so we ensure delivery is carried out where and when required. With the help of Morrisons Food Services you can provide the highest of service quality.


With Morrisons Food Services, we ensure your food can be delivered on time and with care – we’re not Scotland’s Premier Foodservices Supplier for nothing. Our couriers and haulage companies are only the best and are used to deliver online orders with efficiency. Visit our delivery page to find our delivery charges.



Gluten Free Chip Shop Batter Glasgow

With the gluten free trend on the rise, there is a increasing need to provide a gluten free alternative to the nation’s favourite dishes. For many customers, it is often hard to source a gluten free choice for their fish and chip fix. There are a number of fish and chip shops in Glasgow that are not meeting their customer’s needs. Morrison’s Food Services provides gluten free chip shop batter across Glasgow, which offers the perfect solution to fish and chip suppliers for deliciously crispy products that are free from gluten, without compromising the taste.

Used by many award winning fish and chip shops, Middleton’s Gluten Free range of batter mixes offered at Morrison’s Food Services has a smooth and creamy texture with a delightfully golden finish.  It is extremely easy to use; simply add water and the batter mix is ready to go. The gluten free chip shop batter mix is best used when serving products such as fish or chicken.

According to Coeliac UK, nearly 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease, which causes the lining of the stomach and other areas of the body to be damaged when eating gluten. People who are diagnosed with this disease are extremely limited as to what they can eat, restraining them from eating what they enjoy. The gluten free chip shop batter provided by Morrison’s Food Services allows these customers to continue enjoying fish and chips without the added worry of how it may affect them. Coeliac UK provides a venue guide of various places that sell gluten free products near you.

Morrison’s Food Services has been supplying fish and chip shops not only across Glasgow, but across the UK for a number of years, building a credible reputation with our customers. We provide products with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a high rate of customer satisfaction. Morrison’s Food Services also supply other fish and chip shop essentials that are free from gluten, including gluten free gravy and curry sauces.

Our team are happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding our products or if you require further information about our gluten free chip shop batter in Glasgow or about any of our services. If you would like to get in contact with us, then please do not hesitate!

Gluten Free Pizza Base

Gluten free pizza doesn’t equate to taste free pizza! With the moreish taste of Middleton gluten free pizza base your pizza dough will have customers begging for more.  Glasgow pizzerias are slowly adapting to the modern day trends of gluten free, catering to celiacs and gluten avoiders alike.

Gluten free pizza bases allow for coeliac consumers to enjoy pizza without any threat to their health whilst others with gluten sensitivity can prevent any side effects. The sales of gluten free pizza have soared by 58% between 2012 and 2015, with the gluten free market projected to value a huge 7.59 billion dollars by 2020. When almost every Glaswegian loves pizza and with such a large market for gluten free foods why wouldn’t you cater to this demographic. Gluten Free Pizza base mix not only allows you to expand your customer base but to offer existing customers an alternative to regular pizza dough.

Morrisons Food Services are proud to supply Middleton gluten free pizza base mix which can enable your business to serve quality tasting pizza. The high quality of the mix means that your gluten free pizza base will taste just as great as regular pizza allowing you to please the ever-growing gluten free demographic.

The gluten free pizza base consists of the finest ingredients which are manufactured in a completely gluten free factory – providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Our gluten free pizza base mix is incredibly easy to use with just the addition of fresh yeast, oil and water required for great results every time. Morrisons Food Services have provided ingredients to a host of restaurants and takeaways for many years, so you can confidently trust in our quality and expertise.

A common misconception of gluten free pizza is that the base will resemble cardboard with very little taste or indulgence. At Morrisons Food Services we provide only the greatest standard of pizza base mix which we guarantee to have customers praising and maybe even claiming they “can’t believe it’s gluten free”.

With very few Glasgow city restaurants offering a gluten free alternative to general or sourdough pizza you’d be silly not to broaden your product offering. The gluten free niche is one of the largest changes to the food industry since vegetarianism and so not to cater to them would certainly be missing a trick.

If your Glasgow business is seeking gluten free dough for your pizzas then Morrisons Food Services have the dough for you. Our bags of pizza dough are available in 12.5kg sacks and consist of the highest quality of gluten free mix.

To place an order or enquire about our other gluten free offerings call us on 0141 882 4648 or email us at

Gluten Free Food Suppliers Glasgow

There are many people who search for places who can provide them with gluten free food products in Glasgow and here at Morrisons Food Services we are proud to say that we provide some gluten free ingredients for our customers.

We are a family run company who have been supplying the catering trade for many years now. Our customers include fish and chip shops, restaurants, bakeries, catering vans etc. We offer a huge range of products to our customers and are partners with some well known companies such as Kerry, Middleton, Olympic, Keejays and Frymax to name just a few, you can however see the full list on our website.

As gluten free food suppliers in Glasgow some of the gluten free products we offer include curry sauce, breadcrumbs, batter mix, vinegar and gravy. Having gluten free options available for our customers to choose from is very important to us as there are more and more people being diagnosed with coeliac disease as well as many undiagnosed cases. People with coeliac disease have to avoid foods which contain or have been contaminated by other glutenous products.

As well as being gluten free food suppliers we also supply many other items to our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. You can check out our website to see everything that we have although if there is something that you are looking for that you can’t find on our website you can contact us and ask us about it. Our staff are helpful and will do whatever they can to help. You can contact us via email at sales@morrisonsfoodservices, or you can call us on 0141 882 – 4648.