Beef Dripping Edinburgh

From Harry Potter to Buckingham Palace, the UK has a number of distinguished products and establishments that make it a trap for tourists. People from around the globe flock to the small nation to see all that it has to offer. Due to their high reputation and sense of tradition, a fish and chip shop is something that tourists look forward to encountering and that need is met with hundreds of chippies being available to choose from. Edinburgh, in particular, contains a number of excellent chip shops, so it’s important to choose the best products for your store so as you stand-out. Morrisons Food Services are well known for delivering top-quality oils and fats, and we offer our customers the best beef dripping in Edinburgh so that your business can stand out in a heavily saturated, yet potentially lucrative, market.

Beef dripping was once a staple of the British kitchen. Once spread across toast, or utilised to produce the perfect roast potatoes, the popularity of this British icon did suffer when nutritionists turned saturated fats into the villain of the health world. However, modern science has helped turn the tide for this once commonly enjoyed ingredient. The focus for nutritionists is now turning back to carbs and sugar, so beef dripping has had a recent resurgence.

It’s easy to see why. If you go on to any social media platform and search for ‘beef dripping,’ you will be inundated with images of succulent sauces and chips that look so crisp that you can almost hear the crackle through your screen. It is highly recommended from people you know you can trust, with executive chef Richard Turner stating to the Independent newspaper that, “…It’s the missing ingredient for truly great fish and chips.” With such a ringing endorsement, it would be silly not to stock some to turn your establishment from a good fish and chips shop, to a great one.

At Morrisons Food Services we stock a number of great brands of beef dripping for Edinburgh chip shops to make the most of. Fribel R&D Beef Dripping, M-Red R&D Beef Dripping and Superior R&D Beef Dripping are just a few of our selection of our fantastic products that can help elevate the quality of your store. This will allow you to capitalise not only on the many tourists to Edinburgh, but also the locals who know the difference between an okay chippy and a perfect one.

So if you’re wanting to improve your establishment and are interested in one of our exceptional products please feel free to get in contact with us. We deliver our delectable beef dripping throughout Edinburgh and can’t wait to help stock your business with the best products that the UK has to offer.