Baking Ingredient Suppliers Edinburgh

People in Edinburgh look for suppliers who can offer a range of baking ingredients to them. They need a company who is reliable and who can provide a range of different products that they can use, that company is us. We have been baking ingredient suppliers for many years now and have provided this service to many customers in this time.

Bakers, hotels, restaurants, cafes and the general public can all take advantage of the range of baking ingredients  that we as suppliers have available in Edinburgh and all over the UK. These include:

  • flap jack mix
  • carrot cake mix
  • scone mix
  • muffin mix
  • cookie mix
  • sponge and chocolate sponge mix
  • corn flour
  • flour
  • nutella
  • custard mix
  • crumble mix


The list above mentions some, although there is plenty more that you can check out on our website in the dessert ingredients section.

If you place an order with us for baking ingredients either through the website or over the phone then you can choose to collect your items from our premises in Hillington or you can have them delivered to you in Edinburgh. There is a 2 day delivery service applied to orders that are dispatched from our warehouse, this may be affected and take longer if the stock of the item(s) is low although you will be notified of any delay by our staff. It is also worth noting that Saturdays and Sundays are not delivery days.

The baking ingredients that we supply are well known brands such as Middleton, Thorntons, Nutella and Monin so you know that you are getting products that are of a good quality.

So, if you are looking for baking ingredient suppliers who deliver to Edinburgh then contact us today.