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Red Salt Glasgow

If you go into any Chinese takeaway, you will notice that salt and chilli variations are popping up all over the menus. Salt and chilli chips, salt and chilli chicken, and even salt and chilli pizza crunch. It’s a craze that doesn’t seem to be slowing down and is, in fact, spreading to other types […]

Coconut Oil Paisley

  If you’re a chip shop or takeaway owner, you’ve probably accepted that your food isn’t the healthiest. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, as no one really goes out to a fast-food restaurant for a salad. However, with a number of regulations and taxes being introduced in an attempt to coerce the public […]

Sponge Mix Glasgow

Here at Morrison’s Food Services, we supply takeaways around the United Kingdom with a number of great products, however, we’re not just limited to traditional chip shop ingredients. We also offer our clients a number of fantastic dessert supplies so that restaurants, bakeries and more ambitious takeaways can take advantage of our fabulous deals. We […]

Gluten Free Batter Mix Glasgow

When buying products for your catering business, it is important to keep in mind current trends that are making a difference in the appetites of consumers. On the 6th of April 2018, the “Soft Drinks Industry Levy” came into effect and changed how both businesses and consumers purchased products. However, even before that, the popularity […]

Beef Dripping Edinburgh

From Harry Potter to Buckingham Palace, the UK has a number of distinguished products and establishments that make it a trap for tourists. People from around the globe flock to the small nation to see all that it has to offer. Due to their high reputation and sense of tradition, a fish and chip shop […]

Catering Equipment Edinburgh

For restaurants or takeaway vans, not having the right catering equipment can be an absolute nightmare, especially during a busy service. With a lack of catering equipment, it can be hard to cook or prepare certain foods. This can result in not being able to serve customers and subsequently a loss of sales. At Morrisons […]

Glasgow Food Suppliers

As a family run business, Morrisons Food Services are proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We are one of the leading food suppliers in Glasgow, offering an extensive range of food products to our customers. From crispy golden batter mix and oils, to deliciously sweet dessert sauces, to creamy mayonnaise, we […]

Gluten Free Curry Sauce

Gluten Free Curry Sauce For all of your takeaway needs, our gluten free curry sauce means you can now cater to the ever-growing population of gluten intolerants and coeliac consumers. Chippies choice curry sauce is chosen by many award-winning takeaways which is bound to meet most people’s tastes.  Why Sell Curry Sauce? Chips cheese and […]

Gluten Free Chip Shop Batter Glasgow

With the gluten free trend on the rise, there is a increasing need to provide a gluten free alternative to the nation’s favourite dishes. For many customers, it is often hard to source a gluten free choice for their fish and chip fix. There are a number of fish and chip shops in Glasgow that […]

Gluten Free Pizza Base

Gluten free pizza doesn’t equate to taste free pizza! With the moreish taste of Middleton gluten free pizza base your pizza dough will have customers begging for more.  Glasgow pizzerias are slowly adapting to the modern day trends of gluten free, catering to celiacs and gluten avoiders alike. Gluten free pizza bases allow for coeliac […]